How to Get Your Natal Chart

We start with our birth charts (or natal charts) for a reason. We want to find our true, innate selves so we know what we’re working with, our base-line.

Let’s talk about what you need to get your birth chart, how to get it, and what to look for in a birth chart reading.

There are so many online sites to get your chart drawn up immediately. Astrologers used to have to sift through books of planetary positions and know the math and degrees of aspects in order to just get an accurate chart, using books of planetary locations, called an ephemeris, calculators, graphs, rulers…I don’t know. It was a lot. Let alone trying to translate and interpret it.

Now, as long as you have your birth time and place, you can get your personal Natal Chart instantly. Having your accurate birth time and place is a must. It determines exactly what angle the circle is turned, and the exact sizes of each of your houses. If you look at a natal chart, you can see your ascendant line. This represents the horizon. Your ascendant is the exact time you were born. The reason this is important is because even if you were an hour off…it could turn just enough to give you a totally different ascendant sign! This is the face you show to the world. One of your top three signs in your chart. It’s gotta be accurate.

Here are three sites that I recommend using to get your natal chart. There are plenty more! But these are a good place to start. There are elements on each of these that stand out: - beautiful chart, with a page-long aspect list & interpretations. - awesome interactive chart with easy-to-read symbols, outside the circle. - great colors & aspect charts, plus some basic on-page interpretations of sign and house placements.

I’ve added a free printable below. Click on the photo to download. It is a Natal Chart Report so you can interpret yourself. I've left the planetary symbolism blank to add in other learning opportunity.

You can also purchase this blank natal chart printable from my shop that you can use to fill out your personal planetary positions, which may help those with kinesthetic or read/write learning styles. (You'd get this included in the Reveal Your Path Ebook)

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