Putting It All Together

Now it's time to find your center.

We're going to bring the traits of both the zodiac and the Myers Briggs personalities into concrete career choices. But before you point your finger at one and choose, read on to the second part of this exercise to see how to put them together.

Every single person has a different combination of planetary alignments, base personalities, and life experiences. Choosing your path is quite the interpretation game. Combining the innate skills you have, along with the skills, traits, and experiences you’ve developed throughout your life is one of the hardest parts of finding your path. You need to find what works for YOU. Not just what one particular area of your chart says. For example, perhaps you’re a Leo with an extroverted personality, and all the signs point to you being a bigtime actor, BUT you were continually abandoned by people in your life and have developed a sensitivity to critisism. Then being in the spotlight where critisism isn’t just promenent, but expected....probably isn’t for you.

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You’ve likely seen the circle charts that look like what you see below. Taking what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can make money doing. This is MY take on that chart (called Ikigai). We’re going to take what you’ve just learned about yourself and add them into the two outer circles. Instead of determining what the world needs, or how you’ll make money, this one is focused solely on YOU. It’s taking your base nature, and mixing it with the ‘nuture’ experiences and skills you’ve gained through your life.

These are for you to be as selective or broad as you’d like to be. Not EVERY person with a certian zodiac sign or Myers Briggs personality embodies every single characteristic of their ‘category’ (and that doesn’t mean you can leave out just the negative ones and live in denial, either). But perhaps one of your suggestions is to become a veterinarian or work with animals in some way, but.....you just don’t like them. Or perhaps You’re a Cancer who is told that nursing and the medical field are for you, but you can’t handle blood. Leave those out. No need to take up space in your precious circles for things you KNOW you’re not interested in. That being said.....KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN.

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In my ebook version of this course, I've also included examples of some famous personalities and how you can see their outer circles working for them.

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