Your Archetype Idols

If you haven't found out what your personal dominant archetypes are, go here to take the quiz.

The next phase of this archetype section is to find who your most

inspiring idols are for each archetype.

Who are your modern media idols?

What archetypes do they fit?

Don’t worry if a favorite character of yours fits more than one archetype. They often can. As I’ve said before, there’s a little bit of each archetype in all of us.

For example, one of my biggest TV spirit animal characters is Lorelai Gilmore. I love her quirks and sarcasm and independence. She’s my go to in remvembering that life is about living it the way I choose and enjoying it while I can.

She is a Jester - her love of foods, music, and movies shows that she’s living to enjoy life. Plus she’s hilarious.

She is a ....

Lagertha from Vikings is another favorite character for me. I call on her archetype when I’m in situations of needing to stand up for myself, or making sure I get my rightful share (of pay, of opinion, of respect).

P.S. It is totally fine of you to not see these as your archetypes AT ALL. That’s the point! Find who you relate to most. and they don’t have to be gender specific, either. Many of my Jester spirit animals are men....

Based on this chart, what are your goals? What are you looking for in life? And who represents these areas for you?

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