Finding Your MBTI Personality

Now that we have a nice base ground for who we are according to the stars, let’s take a look at our psychological personality profile. There is no correlation between zodiac signs and MBTI personalities, which means no matter what your base planets say, you still have the chance to be ANY of the 16 personalities on this list.

Go to and take the quiz to find yours.

Knowing these base personality traits is amazing for your self-knowledge, AND your self-worth. If you’re constantly in the state of mind that you’re not being yourself or that you need to ‘change’ in some way….look at this personality profile you’ve just created for yourself. Isn’t it just YOU? Isn’t this proof that YOU don’t need to change because you just….are you! This will help you to realize that if there are people in your life who don’t appreciate your quirks, or your humor, or your base personality traits, maybe it’s time that they leave your life so you can replace them with people that say “I love that about you, because it’s YOU.”

Here is some more info about MBTI personalities, including the keywords of each type, your thought processes, and some personality examples, which will come in handy later in our course. Read up on yourself.


MBTI is short for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It labels your personality types based on what order your thoughts and emotions process.

There are four different categories of processes, two choices in each of those categories, and you're dominant in one of each of them.

Was that confusing?

Based on which of those is your dominant in each category, shows you how your cognitive functions are set up.

Knowing about this can help you determine why you do the things you do and react the way you react. It can explain why you have such a dominating presence, and why people should be allowed to tell you to change that about yourself. That's just WHO YOU ARE. This, coupled with your astrological natal chart (which you can learn about here), will really help you hone in on finding your true self, accepting the way you are, and above all else...LOVING YOURSELF. So, take the test at to find out your MBTI classification, and click the link below to learn more about your innate self.

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