Tarot reflects the energies you hold within yourself and energies that are circulating throughout your life. 

Advice in all aspects of life such as love & relationships, business & career/job, health & wellness, restoring positive energy and self-love, family, etc.


Nonjudgmental and honest, with the most details for any given questions. Not only do you get answers, but invaluable insight on how to proceed into the future. We all have the ability to shape our own life experience. 

I am here to help you work through what you want, focusing on real life aspects well as using a little nudge from tarot and astrology. This is not about reading the future. This is about creating your future by finding you strengths and honing in on your desires. I want you to find happiness! Sometimes that’s from achieving a personal goal, sometimes that’s determining what your goals are, and sometimes it’s just finding internal self love. 



$20 - 30 minute session

Great amount of time for a general life, or specific area of life question, Celtic Cross spread. 

$40 - 60 minute session

A more in depth look into what you're looking for in a specific area of life. 


$20 - Natal Chart

All I need is your date, location, and exact time of birth and I will create a personalized natal chart based on your planetary alignments. 

$40 - Natal Chart and Basic Interpretation

Along with your natal chart, I will write out a personalized interpretation of your basic planetary alignments to give you a nice general scope of the meaning of your chart. 

Email me today to schedule your reading or order your own personalized natal chart!

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